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The origin of the cornicello can be traced back to ancient Italian folklore and superstitions. It is thought to have roots in the pre-Christian era when horns were associated with various protective and fertility symbols. Over time, the cornicello became specifically linked to protection against the “malocchio” or evil eye, a belief that certain individuals could cast a malevolent gaze that could bring misfortune.

Manufactured in solid 9kt yellow gold or sterling silver, available in 18kt on request.


- Chain / hoops sold separately.

- Length of charm approx 20mm including bail.

- Bail to fit most standard chains. 


There is a fixed minimum lead time of 14 business days. This lead time is excluding shipping time, which is an additional 2-7 business days depending on your location.

For urgent orders, we recommend reaching out to us before placing your order to ensure timely delivery.

Overnight shipping can be arranged once the order is ready to be sent off.  

Sale priceR 650.00
Cornicello charm
Cornicello charm Sale priceR 650.00